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Unique Aptitude & Skills Indicators

Aptitude test is identification of Professional Traits of an individual which directs him/her towards a specific profession / vocation with more surety of being successful in professional life. This test will capture the strength of an Individual, whether he /she is good/ average in the specific fields.

Some categories we would be identifying in this test are:

  • Linguistic strength
  • Analytical Strength
  • Administrative Strength
  • Operational Strength
  • Imaginative & Logical Strength
  • Technical Strength


The candidate scoring in whichever category good / Average / low score can pursue their career, in accordance with the inferences drawn in the repThese test results may vary from reality, if the tests are not conducted / undertaken with seriousness (guess work is used more than 20 %) and the instructions are not followed properly.

This is surely going to be a Self - Awareness experience.

Duration of the Test – About 90 minutes.

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