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Unique Career Choice Indicators

This test indicates interest in various Areas / Fields of work, which may or may not match with the Aptitude and personality of the Individual. This is very important test which defines the passion and zeal towards certain areas of life, which can be in addition to Aptitude should be considered while defining the future professional path of life.

This test is measured in accordance with the points scored in various areas of Interest.

  • The result of this test is considered according to the score & ranking (higher score & ranking indicates more interest in the respective field for the candidate and is more suitable stream area).
  • The interest areas and Aptitude test scores need to be analysed together for more accurate understanding.
  • These test results may vary from reality, if the tests are not conducted / undertaken with truthfulness and the instructions are not followe


his is surely going to be a Self - Awareness experience.

Duration of the Test – 60 minutes 

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