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What are Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are questionaire based tests which read the mind of the person attempting the test to analyse his/her different aspects of Personality / Behaviour / Skills / Aptitude /Interest / Stress level / Emotional level / Intelligence level and so on.. . They are researched and studied through different methodology by the experienced and qualified personnel, while creating Unique Psychometric tests.

These tests should be: Valid , Consistent / Standardised and Reliabble. These qualities will only make the tests useful and effective. 

Many tests are pervailing in the global market but most effective will be the latest tests created with updated thinking process, capturing more appropriate parameters of humanbeings.

When and in which situations Psychometric tests are useful?

Psychometric tests are used in many ways like :

When one wants to know his / her complete Personality aspects to take right decisions in life.
When one wants to select specific career and understand his / her skill sets and interest areas.
When one wants to measure his / her Intelligence quotient.
When one wishes to understand Emotional Quotient of self and how to go for different relationships in life.
When one wants to understand his / her compatibility with job and company.
HR professionals to understand different candidates better through Psychometric tests.

What are different types of assessment tests offered?

Different type of tests offered by us are:

Unique Personality Indicators - to understand different Personality traits ,helps in makin a person Life Ready.

Unique Aprtitude & Skills Indicators - Understand the Sills & aptitude, helps while choosing a career

Unique Career Choice ( Interest based) Indicators - Captuing the interest of a person in different professions.

Unique Stress Indicators - Understanding the stress level of a person.

Unique Intelligence Quotient - Understanding the Intelligence level of a person.

Unique Professional Compatibilty Indicators -  Understanding the compatibility level of a person with different professional streams.

Unique Relationship & Emotional Indicators - Understanding the emotional level and relationship parameters as a social being.  

What is the duration of your tests

Our tests time duration is ranging between -  30 Minutes to 90 minutes.

Can these tests be given in intervals?

For effective results one must complete the test in one sitting without break , within stipulated time and without discussion with any one.

Maintain confedentiality to have sanctity of the tests.

How about the price of each tests. Are these cost effective?

Yes, the tests are very cost effective,

One must realise that for becomg more life ready.... its important & imperative to know your Unique qualities.

If you know about yourself ,it will help you in taking right decision,at right time in right situation. Eventally it would be helpful in happy and successful journey of life.

All this is costing just as much as you might have spent on a day's outing with your friends or Family ( this experience & money spent on will last for just few hours, and the money is gone).

On the other side the money spent for this Test to know about yourself will be a Unique experience, which will last for lifelong and will help you in building your life will confidence and clarity.

Is it asking for too much as a cost for making your life more meaningful, happy, successful and goal oriented. 

Think about it .......


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